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Harfa International School Exhibition (Silent Auction)

A silent auction exhibition was organized by Nour Hassan at Harfa International School in 2022 for second-grade students. All the work was successfully sold. This was to teach the students various skills, from producing the work all the way to selling.

Nour has taken an interest in teaching children art alongside her own creative endeavours. Her curiosity and interest in children's spontaneity, imaginative discussions and willingness to play and experiment not only make her a dedicated and passionate teacher, but the process inspires her own work too.  Nour places a great emphasis on curating an exhibition for the children at the end of a term or at the end of a workshop. This is to give the children's artwork a new meaning within a new context and to change the way children's art is valued. Family, friends art lovers and visitors are encouraged to bid on their favourite art work. This is to allow the children to experience competition, failure, winning and presenting themselves and their work to the general public within a safe supportive and fun environment. 

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